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If you are currently looking for a water firm in Kalamazoo to provide your with reliable access to quality business and whole house filtration system or water softener in Kalamazoo? Then, you have come to the right place. Here at Gordon Water, we are a water system company that is proud to offer excellent commercial and residential water filtration solutions to customers across thirteen counties: Kalamazoo, Kent, Muskegon, Barry, Van Buren, Allegan, Oceana, Newago, Montcalm, St. Joseph, Ottawa, Cass. We are looking to get into a bit of Eaton, Clinton and Calhoun Counties as well.

Are You Looking for a Reliable Kalamazoo Water Company?

A quality water system will not only serve to improve the taste and smell of your water but also will benefit your home or business premises in a number of important ways. By removing harmful minerals and other imperfections from your water supply, a filtration system will ensure that your water does minimal damage to your pipework and plumbing, as well as help to keep your appliances functioning at their best for as long as possible. Consequently, not only are you saving money that you would otherwise have spent on bottled water, but you are also cutting down on long-term costs associated with property ownership and maintenance.

Softer, purer water is also good for your general health and well-being, with numerous studies around the world confirming its benefits in terms of hydration, detoxification, nutrient absorption and even weight loss. So with such a great variety of advantages associated with installing a water system in your home, it is no wonder that more and more people across the region are choosing to do just that.

Choose the Best Water System Company Kalamazoo Has to Offer

Since we first opened our doors almost fifty years ago, Gordon Water has grown into the water company Kalamazoo residents can always rely on for outstanding products and attentive customer service. While we have become one of the area’s leading specialists in the industry, we nonetheless retain our original commitment to treating each customer on an individual basis and working to find solutions that are perfectly matched to your particular circumstances.

Our non-electric Kinetico reverse osmosis filtration systems are highly regarded for their efficiency and their long-term durability. Requiring less water and salt to clean themselves than standard filter systems, they are extremely economical and come designed to exceed the high water flow rates typically demanded by modern households.

Plus, thanks to the fact that our premium products are protected by our ten-year factory parts warranty, you can rest assured that your new investment will be serving you well not only on day one but for many years into the future also.

Order Your New Water System Today From Kalamazoo’s Water Company

You can find out more information about any of the products listed on our website by getting in touch with a member of our friendly team of experts today. We also offer services like bottled water delivery and etc. Gordon Waters can be reached via the telephone number and email address listed on our site. As the water firm in Kalamazoo, we are always more than happy to answer any questions raised by existing or prospective customers.

Or if you are ready to place an order for your new water system from Kalamazoo’s water company right away, simply fill out the convenient online form and we will get back to you with a personalized quote as quickly as we can.
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618 E. Crosstown Parkway
Kalamazoo, MI 49001



M-F: 8:00AM – 5:15PM
Sat: 9:00AM – 12:00PM
Sun: Closed

Products and Services Available:

  • Gordon Water Kalamazoo Showroom for viewing equipment and products
  • Bottled Water (RO, Mineral Enhanced, De-Ionized, 3 & 5 gallon)
  • Bottled Water Coolers (Hot & Cold, Room & Cold) for purchase & repairs done here
  • POU Style Coolers for purchase
  • Cooler Parts
  • Fractional PackCoffee (case quantity)
  • AZO whole bean coffee bags
  • Water Treatment equipment, salt, filters, & parts
  • Water Treatment equipment repairs
  • Specialty additives: Iron Out, Tannin Plus etc…

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Kalamazoo, MI - Water softener

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Kalamazoo, MI - Installed Kinetico 2060 water softener

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