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Gordon Water is confident we can help you find the best water softener in Kalamazoo. There are four simple questions you can ask that will help determine if you need a new water treatment system. 

  1. Do you notice buildup on your faucets?
  2. Is your skin or hair dry?
  3. Are your colorful clothes fading?
  4. Do you notice white spots on your glassware and utensils?
If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we would love to discuss how a water softener could benefit you. Gordon Water is the leading expert for residential water softeners in Kalamazoo and Portage, and we can’t wait to hear from you.
Great company to work with! Always fair, courteous and prompt!
I appreciated his insight and how honest and nice he was. Thankful for his help!
Ashley Wielhouwer
Great products! Super responsive sales rep (Ben). Pleasant, efficient and professional installer (Chad). Very satisfied.
Sharon Kelly
Premier series water softener by Kinetico, part of Gordon Water's Water Purification equipment.

Our Price Match Guarantee!

If you choose  a water softener with an electric-control valve option, we will match the price provided by a different water treatment company for the same piece of equipment.* All we need is a picture or copy of the written proposal.
*Our Performance Guarantee may not apply if the equipment selected is not in line with the recommendation from our Water Softener Specialist.

Are You Looking for a Water Softener in Kalamazoo?

Are you fed up with your kitchen and bathroom surfaces appearing dull, your clothes fading quickly in the wash and limescale build-up causing damage to your appliances? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Gordon Water Systems, we provide quality water softening systems that will solve all of these problems and more. Read More
Specializing in non-electric Kinetico water softener systems, the best water softener in Kalamazoo, MI, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry. From a basic softener to a combined softener and even a bottleless drinking water system line, we are guaranteed to have a solution that works for you.

Your Home Can Benefit from a Water Softening System

When you live in a hard water area, you’ll notice inconveniences such as your hair and skin feeling drier, your appliances having a build-up of harsh minerals and your soaps not lathering as well as expected. Although these difficulties are not immediate, they can worsen over time with the continued use of hard water. But rest assured there is a simple solution – install a water softener in Kalamazoo from Gordon Water Systems. But what makes soft water so great?
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Better skincare and haircare
  • More efficient cleaning
  • Longer lasting appliances
  • Protection for the environment
… and much, much more!

Amongst the Best Water Softener Companies in Kalamazoo!

When it comes to buying a water softener in Kalamazoo, MI, few water system companies compare to us here at Gordon Water Systems and for good reason. With nearly 50 years in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge, in-depth research and unquestionable experience, enabling us to provide you with a solution that works for your lifestyle. An essential part of everyday life, the last thing you should need to worry about is the water you are using and consuming. With our water softening systems in Kalamazoo, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your supply is clean, safe and of high purity. Once installed, you can also benefit from our 10-year parts and labor warranty on the rare occasion that an issue arises. By choosing to install a water softener system, you are choosing to save money alongside a better quality of life. Shop our range with confidence that you will be purchasing a non-electric solution. That’s right, our Kinetico systems are powered by the water moving through them, so you won’t have to worry about the electric valve failing, increased bills or needing an electrical supply to benefit from a top-quality water softening system.

Talk to a Water Softener Expert in Kalamazoo Today!

There has never been a better time to choose a water softener system for your home. Say goodbye to high gas and electric bills, goodbye to dull, lifeless surfaces and goodbye to costly damages to your plumbing system. With Gordon Water Systems by your side, these issues are a thing of the past. Want to learn more about the best water softener system or water filtration systems for your home? Call us on 800-928-3768 to speak to a water expert today. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Read Less
An aerial view of a West Michigan field. Part of a robust clean water system are residential water softeners by Gordon Water.
A ground-eye view of the Radisson tower in downtown Kalamazoo. Ask Gordon for a new water softener in Kalamazoo today.
Shopping tents in the Kalamazoo Mall. Have Gordon Water help you find the Commercial Water Softeners in Kalamazoo that help your business.
A cabin in a Southwest Michigan home during fall as leaves turn orange. Yes, if you need a water softener in Van Buren County and live out here, Gordon Water can help.