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The discovery of Michigan PFAs in Belmont’s well water raises questions in West Michigan homes.

Individuals and families want to have confidence that the water they are drinking and cooking each day is safe.

A drain going into a river. Many water-based problems, inclidung drinking water pollution, stem from PFAs and PFCs.

How to Filter PFAS

Activated Carbon

A back-washing activated carbon whole house filter is the best first line of defense against PFAS and other contaminants. Activated Carbon has a long life and a high filtration rate. Kinetico’s system uses no electricity while being eco-friendly and efficient to run.

Reverse Osmosis

Water passes across a membrane that filters out the vast majority of contaminants. The best reverse osmosis systems will also have additional carbon filtration as well and come with very high ratings from 3rd Party testing facilities. For instances where Michigan PFAs are present, we recommend our highly rated Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis drinking water station along with the whole home carbon system.

Interactive Map Of PFAS Contaminated Communities

EWG and the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute at Northeastern collaborated to produce an interactive map that combines federal drinking water data and information on all publicly documented cases of PFAS pollution from manufacturing plants, military air bases, civilian airports, and fire training sites.

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