The Best Reverse Osmosis System For Clean Water

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If you are looking for a constant stream of fresh water in your home, then a high quality reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system is a great choice. A popular system, they are a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution, often referred to as one of the best ways to remove contaminants from your water.

The best reverse osmosis system? For drinking water systems, we recommend the K5 Kinetico Drinking Water Station for its effectiveness, value and 100% non-electric operation. For whole-home reverse osmosis systems, we will also provide a Kinetico commercial reverse osmosis system along with additional equipment customized specifically for your needs. Continue reading to learn why.

The Top Five High-Quality Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whether for home or business use, pure water is essential to ensure good health and to prevent contamination. However, a large proportion of mains and well water contains several contaminants that include nitrates from fertilizers, lead, arsenic and a variety of bacteria and viruses.

There are no guarantees the water you drink and use for various purposes won’t do you harm. Using bottled water is an alternative but is expensive, causes plastic pollution and isn’t practical for whole house or large-scale use.

A high-quality reverse osmosis system has been proven to be the best way of ensuring all your tap water is as pure as it can be. This type of system forces water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants such as lead and nitrate. It also has a number of pre-filters to remove chlorine and sediments plus post-filters that remove remaining non-organic compounds that can cause smells and bad taste.

All reverse osmosis systems remove a high proportion of contaminants, but some do it more efficiently than others. In general, we find Kinetico systems to be the best available because they:

have varying sizes, capacities and uses to fit most needs

prolong the membrane life by filtering out chlorine and cleaning the membrane during shutdown with filtered water; this also protects the quality of the output water

have efficient production to maximize water conservation

are recommended by 96% of users and provide satisfaction for 99% of customers.

To help you choose the most suitable system for you, we recommend the following ones.

1. Kinetico TS Series

A compact system for commercial use that requires minimal floor space but can deliver highly purified water to a variety of applications. Capacity starts at 300 gallons per day, but you can combine models to achieve up to 1,200 gallons daily. Efficient production conserves water and there are optional accessories that include carbon filtration to remove chlorine, softening to improve water quality and storage and re-pressurization systems for a constant supply and water pressure.

2. Kinetico TL Series

This is a larger commercial system that still requires relatively little floor space. It delivers a minimum of 2,000 gallons per day, but additional modules can increase this to 8,000 gallons so it’s suitable for high-volume applications. Features and optional extras are the same as for the TS series.

3. Hellebrand X1

This industrial-scale system can produce between 30,000 and 180,000 gallons of purified water per day. It’s designed for high recovery rates while requiring low maintenance and using minimum energy. It can be easily integrated with other systems, has a pre-programmed computer controller, is fully equipped and has a range of optional features so you can customize the system to your needs.

4. Kinetico K5

This system is Kinetico’s whole house reverse osmosis system. So, it is more suitable for small-scale commercial or residential use. It has multi-stage filtration that’s customizable to deal with different contaminants. It’s a compact system that can be fitted discretely, is economical in use and works efficiently without electricity.

5. Kinetico Aquakinetic

An excellent whole-house system, this filter dispenses high-quality drinking water through a dedicated lead-free outlet at a faster rate than most residential systems. Filters are easily changed, and maintenance is minimal.

All our water filter systems are high quality, reliable and come with long warranties. And, of course, they benefit from our excellent customer service right through their long life.

Deciding on Which Hiqh Quality Reverse Osmosis System to Install

K5 Reverse Osmosis System for Drinking Water. reverse osmosis filtration system
AquaKinetic Reverse Osmosis Water System
hellenbrand reverse osmosis
When it comes to choosing the best reverse osmosis system for clean water, your decision should be determined by two factors. The brand of your water filtration system and the company that you use for installation and servicing. Let’s discuss these in more detail.
    • You are in safe hands with Kinetico
For water filtration, few brands compare to Kinetico, and the Kinetico S-Series is one of the most capable reverse osmosis systems available today. Coupled with the flexible storage, sanitizing and delivery pumps the Kinetico reverse osmosis system is the right solution for your home.”
    • Few companies compare to Gordon Water Systems
At the forefront of the industry, few suppliers can compare to us here at Gordon Water Systems. Founded in 1973, we have amassed nearly five decades of knowledge and experience in the industry and use our expertise to deliver quality solutions to our clients. As the leading water system company, we are so confident in our services that when you purchase the K5, you benefit from a 10 yr membrane warranty in the rare instance that an issue arises.

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