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Water is an integral part of our lives. We use it to stay hydrated as well as clean ourselves, our clothes and our home. But have you thought about whether the water that you use is benefiting you to the max? Ensure you are consuming and utilizing clean, safe water by installing a Kinetic water softener from Gordon Water Systems.

Providing quality solutions to homes in West Michigan for nearly 50 years, Kinetico’s water softener systems remove hard minerals from your water so that your pipework, your appliances, and your skin will no longer suffer from the negative effects of limescale.

A Signature Series water softener from Kinetico, Gordon Water Systems' preferred water softening equipment supplier.
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How a Water Softener System Can Benefit You

We have all heard of the terms ‘soft water’ and ‘hard water’ but what is the difference? Soft water contains fewer minerals and chemicals than hard water and has both health and environmental benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll experience when you install a water softener system by Kinetico:

    • Protect your home
Soft water is gentler on your plumbing systems and appliances, ensuring less strain and minimal build-up of harsh minerals. This ensures less maintenance is required and improves the lifespan of machines such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters.  
    • Enjoy softer skin and hair
Hard water is notorious for drying out our skin and hair over time. By switching to soft water, your skin and hair will feel more moisturized, and you’ll be less likely to experience a flaky scalp and irritated skin. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?  
    • Protect the environment
In present times, everyone is trying to do their bit to help the environment. Switching to soft water decreases your energy use and reduces the number of harsh minerals that are released into your drains. Both help to protect the environment.  
    • Save money
Installing a Kinetico water softening system can save you money for a number of reasons. Outperforming hard water at cleaning, you’ll need to use less product at a time, reducing the frequency of purchasing new products. You’ll also experience less build-up of scale and rust, decreasing the need to buy specialist cleaning products and the lengthened lifespan of your appliances will also save you money as you won’t need to purchase new ones as often. Read Less

Why Choose A Non-Electric Kinetico Water Softener Systems?

Of all water systems, few can compare to water softener system from Kinetico and for good reason. Being a water treatment company for nearly 50 years, our wealth of knowledge, decades of experience, and quality systems are second to none in West Michigan. And in all those years, Kinetico water softeners are the most efficient on the market and we are passionate about providing only the best solutions to our customers.

Offering fantastic customer service alongside quality products, you can shop confidently with us. Continuously monitoring your system, you can rest assured that you are always receiving clean and safe water.

Premier series water softener by Kinetico, part of Gordon Water's Water Purification equipment.
The Twin Tank CP Series from Kinetico's commercial water softener system line

Kinetico CP Series Water Softener

One of our water softener product is the Kinetico CP Series commercial water softener system that takes advantage of Kinetico’s 45-plus years as an innovator in water treatment. The classic twin-tank design ensures that your business gets as much quality soft water as you need whenever you need it. Whenever your softener needs to regenerate, it seamlessly switches to the other tank.

The demand-operated, non-electric valve regenerates the resin based on actual water use rather than a timer or computer, so you save on salt and wastewater. Countercurrent regeneration maintains the softener’s resin integrity for longer, so you experience less downtime for maintenance.

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A happy, healthy home is not just the structure and aesthetic. It's the air and water quality in the home as well. And clean drinking water is an absolute must in any home since water is the most important nutrient for the human body. After seeing my brother Jonathan's Kinetico whole home water solution and tasting the water from his reverse osmosis system, I knew I wanted the same form my family.

-Drew Scott


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