Why We Trust our Kinetico Partnership

Kinetico water treatment relies on a filtration system non-reliant on electricity. A tub of water softener salt. A Kinetico water filtration product line has served Gordon Water well for over 30 years.

Two engineering types started Kinetico in 1970 out of a garage. They worked, and they fiddled, worked and fiddled, until they came up with this unique approach to water treatment. 

The Kinetico water treatment and softening system features two softening tanks, one control valve, and no electricity. 

What? No electricity? Everything’s got electricity! 

Nope, they figured out a way. They used the water that’s flowing through your house to power the control valve. The Kinetico water treatment product line from top to bottom is the most efficient product line in the marketplace. Its efficiency stems from making soft water using very little salt and very little water to clean itself compared to other products. 

What does that mean to the home or business owner? It means you’re using less water, spending less money on salt, and still getting awfully clean soft water. Kinetico has quality built into it. The premier product line has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Because of our history since 1975, we support their 10-year warranty with one of our own. Gordon Water offers 10-years of labor on Kinetico systems because we know how good the product is.

Kinetico has been a great relationship for many years, and we’re looking forward to many more.