Grand Rapids Bottled Water Delivery

Gordon Water provides two different bottled drinking water service options:

    • High Purity Reverse Osmosis Water (Blue Cap)
    • Mineral Enhanced Water (Green Cap).


We deliver both, or you may pick up your bottled water at any of our locations in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Portage.

De-Ionized water (Red Cap) is also available for delivery or pickup in 5-gallon bottles. This water is for commercial and industrial applications only and is not for drinking. Chain of Custody cleaning, water for large industrial batteries, and other specialized applications use DI water.

Do You Require Bottled Water Services in Grand Rapids?

An increasing number of people across the United States are becoming aware of the benefits associated with switching from regular faucet water to filtered, bottled water. But unfortunately, still too many people falsely presume that obtaining a regular supply of top-quality bottled water is bound to be a difficult, time-consuming or expensive process. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. When you work with water system companies that have expertise in bottled water delivery service to homes and businesses such as those you will find here at Gordon Water, you can be entirely confident that acquiring outstanding filtered water for your home or business will be easier than it has ever been before. You and your family or colleagues can soon be enjoying the many benefits of drinking pure, filtered water rather than inferior quality faucet water, all with minimal hassle and cost on your part. It goes without saying that filtered water tastes and smells immeasurably better than faucet water, but it also has numerous other benefits for your health and well-being. As well as improving your nutrient absorption and skin hydration, filtered water aids with digestion, detoxification, weight loss, and better focus. Studies have also indicated that opting to drink filtered water instead of ordinary faucet water can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers over the course of your lifetime.

Choose Gordon Water for the Best Bottled Water Delivery

The team at Gordon Water are proud to have built one of West Michigan’s most highly regarded brands in the fields of business and home water filtration systems and water bottle delivery services to homes and businesses. Our skilled experts have many years of experience in the industry and work hard to make sure that all our water is of the highest standards of cleanliness and purity. Our water bottles come with a variety of bottled water dispenser system options, from the traditional crock and stand dispenser to automatic water pumps that dispense water at the touch of a button and charge using a USB port. We offer the options of coolers with room temperature and cold spigots or units with hot water and cold spigots. Simply choose the dispenser that suits you best. But it isn’t just the quality of our products that sets us apart. Ever since we started this business almost fifty years ago, we have remained committed as a family-owned and operated business to providing outstanding customer service and support. Our bottled water can be delivered to your premises during the day from Monday to Friday, 9AM till noon. There are several water delivery service options available so together we can schedule the one that suits you best based on your usage and when we’re in your area. You’ll also find that 3 of our 4 offices are open on Saturdays from 9AM until noon for your convenience.

Keep Hydrated and Healthy with a Bottled Water Pump

Dehydration can cause all sorts of problems that include dizziness and confusion and, longer term, can lead to kidney stones, urinary tract infections and even kidney failure. It’s important, therefore, that everyone stays hydrated and drinking enough water frequently can help to ensure that. Not just water but clean, safe water.

By delivering clean, safe water to your home or business property, we can ensure that you and everyone there are able to remain fully hydrated and can concentrate on what they’re doing without the fatigue that dehydration can bring. With a bottled water pump or other dispensers, you can enjoy all the benefits of pure water with returnable and re-usable bulk water bottles that don’t have the harmful impact on the environment that single-use bottles do.

We can organize regular and fast deliveries so that you’re never without a constant supply of pure water. We work diligently tomeet every client’s delivery needs. If there are any problems, We’ll keep you informed and sort them out quickly because we’re proud of our excellent customer service. If you don’t trust the municipal or well water for drinking, use our bottled water delivery service in combination with bottled water machines to ensure everyone stays hydrated and healthy. And skip those single use bottles!

Get in Touch Today or Arrange Bottled Water Delivery Online Now

You can find out more information about water bottles services and other services that we do by contacting us today. We can be reached via the telephone number or email address listed on our website, and we are always happy to answer your questions and provide any further assistance we can. Alternatively, you can use the online form to request your water bottled water delivery service quote right now, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly with more information. Read Less

Bottled Water Types


We can configure our dispensers in Room Temp & Cold or Hot & Cold. Room temperature is ideal for cooking while customers find that the cold setting is more refreshing to drink.

Dolphin Pump

An easy way to dispense bottled water into another container while you’re on the go. The apparatus is small enough that you can conveniently store the entire bottle in a closet.

Spigot & Cradle

A simple way to dispense bottled water into a glass or a pitcher for events. The bottle, spigot & cradle setup can sit on a counter or table, making dispensing quick and efficient.

Crock & Stand

A low-cost and attractive way to dispense room temperature water. Wood stands in different colors with ceramic crocks fit in many decors and is easy to use.

dolphin water pump Gordon Water Systems
cradle and spigot water dispenser Gordon Water Systems
Crock and Stand Gordon Water Systems. Part of drinking water delivery standards

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids built itself up as a historic furniture-manufacturing center and is still home to five of the world’s leading office furniture companies. Lately it’s transitioning from Furniture City to Beer City USA. With shopping, entertainment, outdoor activities and cultural events, families can enjoy a high quality of life year round. National music tours, plays, and musicals make stops at the Van Andel Arena, DeVos Hall, and Meijer Gardens.

Don’t forget about our Grand Rapids bottled water delivery service. Our coolers and dispensers will help you hydrate for those long work days.

Gordon Water prides itself on providing the highest-quality bottled water service for your Grand Rapids home or office since 1986. We offer convenience and cost savings to customers when they pick up bottled water at any of our convenient locations in Grand Rapids and Rockford.

We are licensed & inspected by the USFDA. We do daily, weekly, and annual testing to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Grand Rapids building in a reflection across the street. Grand Rapids bottled water delivery can help your home or office.

Save Money with Bottled Water Pickup

Save money by picking up your bottled water at one of our offices in Grand RapidsKalamazoo, or Portage. Just drop off your empty bottles and pick up the full ones you need. Don’t forget to join our Bottled Water Club where you can earn 1 FREE bottle for every 10 purchased. 

It’s just another way Gordon Water Systems shows our appreciation for our valued customers.

Gordon Water Systems bottled water jug making a splash. Gordon Water Systems provides the highest level of drinking water system to West Michigan
We love their water service! Staff at the office are courteous and knowledgeable. Our delivery guy, Zack, is AWESOME! We appreciate his friendliness and "can do" attitude!​
Mariana Garza
​They are always willing to answer questions you have. Price for bottled water is much better than the ones you can get at major retailers, plus they have a punch card!
Michael Pelton
We love working with Gordon Water Systems. They deliver bi-weekly to both of our offices and are always wonderful to work with. They are also incredibly cost efficient.
Timothy Haines