Why You Should Work for Gordon Water

Gordon's water distribution jobs include delivery, treatment, testing, sales, and quality control. An image of office workers around a water cooler.

Gordon Water Systems is a unique place to work. There’s really two facets: the people and the products. The people are the foundation and have been for the entire existence of Gordon Water Systems. We have such an amazing group of coworkers and team members who support each other and love to help. 

For people wondering if they should go to work for Gordon Water, look at our breadth of coworkers regarding backgrounds, professional or otherwise. It all comes down to job diversity, who they are and what they bring to the game. When you come together around the love, energy, pride, passion — our mission statement — it’s an amazing place to be. 

We’ve had people join us from other walks of life that have never been in the water industry that are delivering bottled water, working in customer service, installation, or selling. They want to come here because they have a friend, coworker, or customer they know they can help. We have such an amazing array of people coming from different places that make it really fun to work here.