Why Choose Gordon Water


Working with Gordon Water really brings a couple things to you. 

The first is our people. Our people are supportive of each other, supportive of our larger community, and they really care about helping our customers. We have a passion, or mission statement, that is boiled down to three words–love, energy, pride. 

Second, we love to help people have clean, safe water and air. We bring positive energy to the solutions we’re providing, and we take pride in how we’re delivering those products and services.

So, when you take the people, and you take that passion and you put them together, along with some of the best products available, it’s a win for the customer, it’s a win for our coworkers, and it’s a win for the company. 

If you’re a customer and you’re wondering, “do I want to work with Gordon Water?,” well, our question is, “why wouldn’t you want to work with Gordon Water?” When you combine the passion and the people with the products, it’s a win-win.