What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

A nearly full glass of water. what happens when you drink more water?

Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind us, and it’s fair to say that New Year’s Resolutions are on everyone’s minds. That means that there’s a lot of change coming down the pipeline (if we stick to it, that is). With all the changes and self-improvements we want to make in the new year, it’s easy for things to stack up really quickly. There are a lot of gym memberships to buy, then quickly forget about, you know? But, before your list gets too overwhelming, we want to advocate for a few easy things we think are important and deserve to make your list of resolutions!


Drinking enough water
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We’ve all heard it a million times: you need to drink enough clean, safe water every day. Well, the reason that we’ve heard it a million times is because it really is that important! Not drinking enough water can have huge health effects on you.

So, what happens when you drink more water? There have been several studies that link your physical health with your water intake. Everything from an increased number of headaches to reduced cognitive function. Staying well hydrated also helps keep you feeling energized and active! So maybe switch out one of those cups of coffee for a few glasses of clean water.

Here are two helpful studies that back us up:

Overall, drinking enough clean water every day is an easy way to help maintain your health. Something we find helpful is to carry a water bottle around everywhere you go! If it’s right in front of you, it becomes a habit to take a drink.

Which leads us to our next resolution…


Reusable water bottle
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We cannot stress enough how important it is to use a reusable water bottle and stick to it. The amount of pollution caused by single use plastics is staggering, and water bottles are a huge contributor to the issue.

Did you know that all the single use water bottles we use and throw away right now won’t even have decomposed in our life span? They will literally outlive us in the landfills!! And honestly, a lot of it doesn’t even end up in landfills. It will end up in our ecosystem, just like we mentioned in another blog.


Not only will it help the environment, but using a reusable water bottle can help you keep your cost down! Think about how much money it will cost you to keep buying water bottles, when you can purchase a great reusable water bottle once, and just keep filling it at home or on the go?

And speaking of filling your bottle at home, our last resolution…


Water testing at Gordon Water systems
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This one may be a little more niche, but it’s still very important! If you really think about it, there are plenty of things are out of our control. The air we breathe day in and day out may be clean, it may be polluted. There’s not a lot we can do about that. The food we eat may not be all that great, and while there are some things we can do to help ensure it’s safe, we can only do so much. But for water, we can take full control of that, and we know just the place to start! We offer a FREE water test in your home or office by our WQA certified water specialists. Like we said, it’s entirely free, and it gives you great insight into what is flowing out of the tap. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive test, we also offer another test more tailored to drinking water that picks up on up to 92 different chemicals that could be in your water! Along with the test, our specialists can recommend what your next steps to improving your water might look like. It’s that easy.

As you map out your 2020, we encourage you to inspect how you interact with water daily and why it’s important. What we’ve shared here are only a few of the ways you can improve your everyday life with water.

If you ask us, we have a good feeling about 2020.