What Are the Benefits of a Home Water Test?

A home water test by a kitchen sink.

You use your home’s water every day. In fact, an American household may go through 300 gallons of water in a 24 hour period. That water is used for cleaning, cooking, and drinking, so shouldn’t you be sure that your water is safe? With a home water test, you can discover if your home’s water is free from contamination.

Simply put, a home water test will measure any contaminants. According to the Safe Drinking Water Act, a contaminant is any physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substance in your water. For instance, a physical contaminant may be sediment or organic material that could come from lakes, rivers or streams.

Certain contaminants can affect your health. Microbes, like bacteria or viruses, are the ones that can cause the greatest chance of experiencing negative health effects. Most acute contaminants do not have permanent effects, but they can be dangerous if consumed at high enough levels.

Regular testing is advantageous because it can identify existing problems, ensure the water is suitable for its intended use, track changes over time, and determine the effectiveness of a potential treatment system. Water quality can change either over time or suddenly, and changes can go unnoticed even if the water looks, smells and tastes the same.

There are a couple options for testing your water. A do-it-yourself version is available, where you rely on treated slips to detect contaminants. They can alert you to high levels of common contaminants, but do not provide accurate information in all areas.

Professional water tests give you a more detailed look at your water. Certified water testing labs have access to more precise equipment and will give you the most thorough results. 

Having the knowledge that your drinking water is safe for consumption is important to every house, and Gordon Water Systems is there to help make that happen. For more information, call Gordon Water Systems today at 616-776-3800. We love improving people’s quality of life by giving them great water.