High Quality Duracube® Salt Delivery Service For Your Home!

Since 1973, Gordon Water provides home water softener salt delivery throughout West Michigan.

Why choose a separate salt provider when you can have home salt delivery PLUS an optional water softener pre-filter change at the same time? Besides our water softener services, Gordon Water can change reverse osmosis drinking water system filters and bring any special additives you might require like softener sanitizer packets, softener resin bed cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, and more.

So don’t get just salt, get a full softener salt delivery service that gives peace of mind and saves you money.

DuraCube Red Out Salt, Iron fighter formula. Part of Gordon's water softener salt delivery


We offer both pickup and delivery of high purity salt to residential and commercial customers.  
For our residential customers, Gordon Water Systems also has an “App” for our frequent customers.  You do not need the old punch card.  You just connect with your phone number and when you come in just tell us your phone number and we track your purchases so that after every 10 bags purchased you get 1 Free!  Easy to use and FREE Salt!
DuraCube Salt, Ultra High Purity for commercial salt delivery
And did you know that we have a salt sale every 2nd Saturday of each month?  We call it the ….2nd Saturday Salt Sale!!  20% off all salts for all customers that pick up on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Plus you can bring in a water sample for us to test to see how your softener is working.  We will have a Water Specialist in hand to answer any questions.
If you prefer delivery, then that is easy as well.  The app discount does not apply but the convenience is sure great. We will deliver and leave bags by the door you instruct us to or if you are home we will deliver to the softener brine tank!
Fill out the form below to get your order in!  OR call us at 1(800) 928-3768 and we will have a Water Specialist on hand to answer any questions.

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