Hellenbrand H-100U Water Softener


  • Variable reserve automatically adjust to your changing water usage
    Display indicates time of day and gallons remaining
  • Pre-filled brine tank with softened water reduces salt-bridging problems and cleaning of brine tank
  • Permanent memory backup of all programmed settings
  • 1″ valve allows you to run numerous water fixtures simultaneously without any loss in pressure
  • Drain line aerator for quieter regenerations


  • The H100U Single Tank Water Softener reduces hard water stains throughout your home
  • In the Bathroom – hair is softer and more manageable
  • In the Kitchen – shiny spotless dishes and glasses, a sparkling sink, use less detergent in your dishwasher
  • In the Laundry – save on detergents, clothes are brighter, whiter and last longer
  • Throughout your home – spend less time cleaning; water using appliances last longer; protect pipes and plumbing fixtures
Hellenbrand H-100 Water Softener

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