Touchless Hands Free Bottle Fillers in West Michigan

Touchless Bottle Fillers are critical where you can utilize them. Covid has created a new work environment and a Touchless source for drinking water is part of what can help your employees remain healthy. So augment your current drinking water sources with a Touchless Bottle Filler at your West Michigan location near Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Rockford, and Portage. Having options for your employees is critical for their well being, both physical and emotional. Upfront costs are offset by having an option for your employees that allows them to feel safe AND be able to drink filtered water. Improve your employees’ confidence in their safety at work.  

Drinking Fountain West Michigan
Covid Drinking Fountain Grand Rapids

Retrofit a Touchless Bottle Filler System to Your Existing Drinking Fountain

If you have an existing drinking fountain this is the easiest way to provide the option for touchless bottle filling for your employees.  Available with or without LED UV protection.

  • Electronic sensor for truly Touch-Free Activation
  • Display shows the impact on the environment, as well as provides alarm when filters need to be changed
  • Optional LED UV for added protection of the water and the dispenser area
  • Smooth laminar flow for fast filling of the water container
  • No additional plumbing connections required from the wall as it utilizes the drinking fountain for cool water and drain. 
  • Antimicrobial components are infused with Freshshield® to help fight the degradation of materials (color & odor) caused by bacteria
  • Filtration: AlwaysFresh® SF-1000 for lead, cyst, and chlorine reduction.  
  • Basin eliminates splashing and retention of water

Ask our West Michigan Drinking Water Specialists for more information.

water fountain retrofit kalamazoo

Stand Alone Touchless Bottle Filler

  • Delivers 10 gallons of chilled drinking water per hour
  • Built-in strainer inside solenoid valve prevents particles in
  • Waterways are lead-free in materials & construction
  • High efficiency cooling system
  • Contactless activation for water dispensing with auto shut-off
  • High flow output of 1.1 gallons per minute for faster fill up
  • Built in drain – no drip tray to empty
  • Removable front panel for ease of filter change-out (not
  • Standard cabinet finish: Brushed stainless steel 
  • Optional LED UV
Standalone Touchless Water Dispenser Rockford

Hands Free/Touch Free Bottled Water Coolers

We can convert most coolers over to either the Hands Free or the Touch Free if you already have cooler(s) in your home or office.  The Hands Free flapper is quick and easy and lower cost.  The electronic spigot option is available for both hot and cold and is truly “Touch Free” in that neither the hand nor the cup touch the cooler to dispense water.  Let us know if you want to upgrade your current coolers, or any new coolers to Hands Free or Touch Free and we will do it.  Reach out to one of our West Michigan locations in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Rockford, or Portage today for clean, safe water dispensers.  

Touchless Bottle Water Cooler in Kalamazoo Michigan
Touchless Bottled Water Cooler Portage Michigan

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