Tom Duisterhof on the History of Gordon Water

Water treatment expert Tom Duisterhof explains the history of Gordon Water. A glass of water on a table next to a wooden spoon.

“My father, Gordon Duisterhof, started Gordon Water in 1973,” said water treatment expert and current GW co-owner Tom Duisterhof. “My brother and business partner, Steve, grew up in the business. We grew up in the foundation of what our parents gave us.” 

“My brother and I remember him working off a little desk in the basement and sitting on the bed with the phone making calls at night. Now, we have four locations covering West Michigan (Portage, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Rockford). 

“The company started off selling water softeners only, and later brought on rust and odor removers, and drinking water systems. Steve had the foresight to bottle water in the mid-to-late 1980s, which has become a big part of who we are.” 

“Our portfolio is a brilliant collection of products that help people have clean, safe water. We’ve been a Kinetico dealer since 1975, respecting and appreciating their technology and corporate character as they’ve respected ours. 

“The history of Gordon Water, as we’ve come from our beginnings through several decades, has been one of care and support with high-quality products, great people, and culture. It started with a foundation and it’s blossomed with the people and products we have now. We’ve grown a lot and eyeing some more (growth) here in West Michigan.”