Why Dick Chose Kinetico from Gordon Water

Dick’s model 60 Kinetico Water Softener is still operating very efficiently and successfully after 27 years.

Gene the Pumpkin Man Loves His Kinetico from Gordon Water

Gene believes the Kinetico Water Softener is one of the best investments he has ever made.

Karl has had his Twin Kinetico Water Softener since 1995

Two things Karl really likes about his Twin Kinetico Water Softener is: that he has soft water all the time as much as he needs and he doesn’t have to do anything, the salt delivery guys even fill the softener back up for him.

Barry says his Kinetico Non-electric Water Softener is the best he has ever had

After his electric systems failed he just had to have Gordon Water replace it with a non-electric Kinetico System.

Jim has had his Kinetico for 9 years

Jim saves on his laundry detergent and other cleaners and is very happy with his Kinetico unit.

Rick and Laurie have been Kinetico Customer for over 18 years

They would recommend Kinetico to everyone, Gordon Water is a great company with great products.

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