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FREE Water Test without the in-person contact

If you are trying to limit your contact with others, and still would like assistance with your water treatment needs, here’s how we can help:

Steps to obtaining the proper samples.
Step #1 
Obtain 2 sample containers approx 16oz or larger.  Rinse the containers with the water that will fill them in the next step.  Clean containers rinsed with the water that will be tested is best.
Step #2
2 Samples are requested; Cold (raw, untreated) water and Hot (that has passed through the water heater and any existing water treatment equipment) water.
• Cold Water: Let the cold water run for about 5 minutes.  This is to help get water that is fresher from your well (or city pipes) vs. water that has been sitting in the lines for a while.
• Hot water:  We don’t need the water to be Hot but turn on the hot side of your faucet and let run for 10 seconds to make sure the faucet has flushed out any “cold” water.
• Fill both of your samples up to the top to have no or very little air at the top and then twist the cap (or seal the container) firmly.
Step #3
• Label each container clearly with “Cold” or “Raw” water and “Hot” or “Treated” water for the respective samples.  If you can put your last name or address on the bottles that is helpful as well.
Step #4 
• Fill out the form below to have us pick up the samples or Contact the office via phone to let us know you have samples that need picking up. Place the samples outside your home in an obvious location by the front door or garage door. Our Locations and Phone Numbers
Step #5
• Make sure we have all your information such as name, address, email and the best phone # to reach you.  Please also let us know how you would like the Water Specialist to get back to you with your water test results as well as to discuss recommendations.
Step #6 

Feel free to drop off your water samples to any of our 4 office locations. Check website for open times and addresses: Our Locations

Thank you and we look forward to helping you have clean, safe water in your home.

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