Upgrade Your Office for Your Team




Is your office safe from harmful particles and contaminants?

Between touchless water coolers, and air-filters, Gordon Water Systems can ensure a safe work environment. As we have learned over the past year, it is important to remain clean and sanitary, especially in the office. Avoid drinking out of the same drinking fountains, and breathing contaminated air. Invest in an office water dispenser, and air filters that will benefit everyone’s health at the workplace.

A man using a touchless water dispenser in an office setting.

Safe Work Environment

Safe Air

Improve the air quality through our filters.

Clean Water

Convert your old drinking fountain into a touchless bottle filler.

Healthy Work-Place

Saving less sick days for the whole office!

How it Works

1. Decide to Upgrade

Make a plan to upgrade
fountains and add air filters.

2. Pick a System

Look through systems that
will best fit your needs.

3. Enjoy a Safe Office!

Now you have created a
safe work environment.

"Outstanding performance and service!"

Mike C.