Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Kinetico Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Filter System takes care of the most resilient water problems throughout your entire home.

  • Tailored specifically to your needs
  • High purity water at every faucet!!
  • Unbeatable performance with recovery rates ranging from 50% – 85%


The Whole-House Filter system was designed to take a stand against the toughest water problems you may encounter. When teamed with the proper pretreatment, this state of the art system can effectively remove/reduce contaminants including:

  • Dissolved Solids
  • Naturally occurring contaminants like arsenic, lead and nitrates
  • Man-made Chemicals
  • Sulfates and sodium chloride
  • When teamed with UltraViolet light (UV) or Microbiological Filters (CMF) the entire system will be extremely effective against Microorganisms (Viruses, bacteria)


You deserve nothing but the best! Efficiently and effectively improve the quality of your water with a Kinetico Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Filter System.  Our Whole Home Reverse Osmosis systems also include the Kinetico Leak detection system for complete peace of mind.

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