Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Gordon Water Systems is proud to be an authorized Kinetico dealer who is known for having the best reverse osmosis water systems available. Reverse Osmosis is a technology that removes ions, molecules, and larger harmful particles from water. As a result, RO produces high-purity water for drinking and cooking.

Below are a few examples of how we can offer outfit your home. Please contact us at 1-800-928-3768 for a full list of services.

K5 Drinking Water Station

We offer our customers Kinetico’s most comprehensive drinking water system. The K5 uses multiple stages of filtration to remove just about everything from your water that isn’t water. The K5 is the most advanced RO system available, with unparalleled features and benefits.

Watch this video to see how fast and how much the K5 flows versus a more traditional style RO. Find out why so many people are opting for this state-of-the-art reverse osmosis drinking water system.

K5 Reverse Osmosis System for Drinking Water. reverse osmosis filtration system

AquaKinetic System

For those who believe that reverse osmosis technology is the way to go, but are satisfied with a more basic approach, the AquaKinetic drinking water system is for you. The three-stage system provides clean, refreshing water free of Fluoride for drinking and cooking with minimal maintenance.

Aquakinetic drinking water system. Gordon Water Systems. A home water treatment system

Always Fresh RC-HFC-1000 Replacement Cartridge

Recently approved for filtering out PFAs, the Always Fresh RC-HFC-1000 Replacement Cartridge is ready for high flow and high performance. 5 stage exclusive patented quick change design. Rated for 500 gallons.

Always Fresh RC-HFC-1000 Replacement Cartridge

High Alkalinity Water Cartridge

If you desire high purity, high alkalinity water, this is your answer — the cartridge is rated for 500 gallons, compatible with the Kinetico K5 RO System. The cartridge also features an automatic filter change shutoff at 500 gallons.

High Alkaline Water Cartridge

Whole-House Membrane System

The TX whole house reverse osmosis system is part of the whole house solution to saltless water softening. Each system is custom designed for pretreatment, water storage and delivery systems. So contact us to help you determine if Whole House RO is for you.

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