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Bottle-less Cooler

Bottle-Less Cooler systems are also known as Point of Use (POU) systems. It looks like a traditional bottle cooler without the bottle. We carry a select line of bottle-less water cooler dispenser systems that we install to your existing water lines. Bottle-Less coolers are available in countertop or floor standing models. We can monitor this system for you and periodically service it to ensure quality. Unlike many other companies, we have low-cost systems with no long term contracts.

The advantage of using a POU water cooler dispenser is how green they are. No, we’re not talking about color, but the best way of providing clean drinking water for your office, warehouse, or manufacturing floor that’s environmentally friendly. There are no bottles to be delivered, stored, or lifted.  Plus you may save money over bottled water service.

Bottle-less Filtration

When it comes to filtration for your point of use cooler, we give you options. The base model is a multi-layered carbon filter called AlwaysFresh®. It will reduce chlorine and lead, plus it will improve the taste of the water. The better option is the Reverse Osmosis System.  It will also address lead and chlorine, plus it will reduce a large number of other contaminants providing your office with high purity water.  

Reverse Osmosis systems may also need pretreatment depending on the water chemistry of the incoming water.  We will be able to test the water in your office to provide you with options.

Due to piping connections and the variety of systems, we look forward to visiting your office to determine the best method for your needs.

Benefits of a Point of Use Water Cooler

If you want to benefit the health of your employees by supplying them with purified water, a point of use water cooler has several advantages over a traditional bottleless water cooler:

  • Cost savings. Water from the municipal supply is much cheaper than bottled water so that, even taking into account the cost of maintaining a bottleless water cooler, you’re likely to reduce drinking water costs by up to 50%.
  • Cleaner water. The cooler water is filtered and sanitized so it provides health benefits due to the removal of contaminants.
  • Convenience. Your water is literally on tap so you won’t have the task of ordering and paying for replacement bottles and ensuring you don’t run short. You also won’t need to find space to store spare bottles and there’s no need to lift heavy bottles to replace empty ones, so you’ll avoid strain on your back.
  • Help the environment by reducing the manufacture and recycling or disposal of plastic bottles.

Maintenance of the cooler is minimal and generally involves only the periodic replacement of filters. Even then, we can do that for you as part of a regular service and you’ll still save money.

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