PFAS Solutions in the Office

PFAS Free water solutions for the office

Today’s working culture is all about maximum output. How can we truly get the most out of our time? The goal is to be the most efficient and feel the best, without sacrificing the quality of work.

The single largest impact we can have on our everyday life at the office (& home) is to stay hydrated. Recent national news has also reminded us we cannot take water for granted regarding our overall health and safety…

That being said, the only real solution is ensuring that you and your employees are drinking clean, safe, PFAS free water. The peace of mind and health benefits, both seen and unseen, far surpass the (less than you might think) start-up costs. Being hydrated with high quality, clean, safe water keeps our brains and bodies functioning at peak performance so we can do our best work the most often. It also helps keep our body’s defenses up and on high alert to fend off germs, bacteria, and illness that may come our way.  

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a lot of potential hazards with drinking low quality, hard or contaminated water. In our last blog series, we talked about the health hazards involved with drinking water contaminated with PFAS. To recap, drinking PFAS contaminated water can cause:

  • Affect growth, learning, and behavior of infants and older children
  • Lower a woman’s chance of getting pregnant
  • Interfere with the body’s natural hormones
  • Increase cholesterol levels
  • Affect the immune system
  • Increase the risk of cancer

Scientists are still conducting research about the health effects of exposure to mixtures of PFAS.

You don’t have to wait for further research or information to know that ingesting contaminated or lesser quality water could have a detrimental effect on your office. Take the guess-work out of what you’re drinking by making the switch to Gordon’s PFAS free water for your customers, employees, and yourself.

Show them you care by having clean, safe, and delicious bottled water in a cooler or straight from the tap!

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