PFAS Solutions in Industrial Business

Industrial solutions for PFAS toxicity

Naturally, everybody is at least a little concerned with their health. Whether it’s their diet, medications they take, habits they’ve formed to create a healthier lifestyle or a combination thereof; physical and mental health are in the conversation’s forefront. When we discuss large water applications and contaminants, many business owners balk at entertaining the costs associated with treating high volume water applications, but can they afford to? Can they afford not to?

The state of Michigan is arguably ground zero for PFAS/PFOS contamination and research, meaning that fortunately there’s usually a well-oiled response when new sites are discovered. However, it can also mean slow reaction times and tapped budgets because of the profound size of the issue throughout the state. It’s on us now more than ever as homeowners and citizens to ensure the water that our families use is safe for consumption.

We’ve discussed at length the impact that PFAS toxicity can have on the body throughout this blog series and touched on it some previously, but there’s more than just the physiological side to consider. Being environmentally conscious, efficient, and cost-effective are massive considerations in addressing higher volume water applications.

A perfect example of a high volume water application with several facets to consider would be a restaurant. Think about it – your employees and customers are interacting with water at its most intimate level – ingestion. Cooking and drinking, cleaning plates and silverware, pots and pans – water touches every part of a restaurant that touches us, and it’s of the utmost importance that the water they use is clean and safe.

Hellenbrand – another family-owned business for 40+ years and a longtime partner of Gordon Water, recently launched a new whole-home solution, the Pioneer System, which is NSF p473 certified to remove PFAS toxicity (third-party tested to remove Chlorine and Lead as well) from your entire mid-to-large volume applications, like your home, a bar or restaurant. What many fail to realize is that this system can be purchased and professionally installed for far less than you might imagine. We also have systems to soften water and remove contaminants at the drinking water level, with reverse osmosis filter solutions to reduce PFAS to non-detectable levels.

For more information on the Pioneer Whole-Home System, click here.

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