Peace of Mind Comes With a Leak Detection System

A leak detection system can prevent disaster from happening. A woman is spread far and wide with buckets in hands and legs trying to capture water falling from her kitchen ceiling.

Discovering a leak in your plumbing isn’t always instantaneous. In fact, it could come hours, days, or even weeks after it started, leading to an incredible amount of water damage. When not discovered soon enough, there is also the chance of mold growth. To stop these silent leaks, investing in a leak detection system isn’t just the smart thing to do, it’s the economical thing to do

There are a couple different leak detection systems, including those that can cover the entire house, or those that detect local leaks. A whole home leak detection system will identify when water is continuously running for an extended period. These systems will then automatically shut off the water, preventing further water damage.

Whole home systems can work with large or small leaks, and will help prevent losing countless dollars of damaged property and repair costs. Also, insurance companies prefer whole house leak detection systems and may even provide discounts if there is one in your home.

You can also use leak detection systems in targeted areas, which can be a strategic alternative. Many places are recommended to be covered, not just in the kitchen or the bathroom. For instance, placing a leak detection system beneath your sinks can notify you if there is a problem with the pipes or if there is a leak from the tap.

Toilets are another area that use a lot of water every day. A leak detection system behind a toilet can spot a supply line failure, an overflow, or other problems. In the kitchen, you can install a leak detection system under the refrigerator or the dishwasher.

Washing machines can be problematic with leaks, both those that are top-loading and front-loading. Most leaks occur in the pipes behind the appliance, and placing the system back there is most effective. Another system around the water heater can be another useful addition. 

Detection systems can come in a variety of designs, but each one is useful in protecting your home from water damage. Keeping your home dry and safe from slow and silent leaks is vital to every house, and Gordon Water Systems is there to help. For more information, call Gordon Water Systems today at 616-776-3800. We love improving people’s quality of life by giving them great water.