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Gordon Water New Home Build

Gordon Water New Home Build

Spring is in the air and a little early, I might add. The snow has melted away, the heavy coats are going back into storage and the sun is poking its head out. That’s not all that’s happening though, because now is when ground typically breaks on new home builds! But, before the trucks roll up to the building site and the walls go up, let’s talk about when you should start thinking about your home water filtration system installation and why it’s important to have a Water Plan for your new home.

When should I reach out to Gordon Water Systems about my new home build?

When you’re taking on something as daunting as building a home from the ground up, the details can pile up and things like a water plan can get passed over for decisions regarding flooring, siding, paint color, etc.  For your water, if you reach out to us as early in the process as you can, we can work with you and your contractor to make things as easy for you as possible. If we work together before the plans are finalized, or at least before the drywall is installed, then plumbing adjustments can be made.  If the water plan is part of the building plans, then they will complete all the plumbing as part of the standard process. So reach out to us early!

Gordon Water New Home Build

What home filtration options do I have when building a new home?

The single largest factor influencing our recommendation results from your water chemistry test.  This test is something our Water Specialist will complete in the home to get the most accurate results whether city or well water.  The options include a wide range of solutions based on your water chemistry results and your concerns.  Items such as Rust & Odor filters (well water if needed), water softeners (city & well), whole home contaminant reduction systems (city & well) and reverse osmosis drinking water systems (city & well.)  Occasionally homeowners will choose a whole home reverse osmosis system for the ultimate clean water throughout the home.  

Regarding the water testing available by Gordon Water Systems, between both our equipment partners and our laboratory partners we offer 4 levels of testing:

1)  Our in-home water test by our Water Specialists will include hardness, iron, TDS, pH, nitrates/tannins/chlorine as needed.

 2) Our equipment partners can also help with additional testing for equipment recommendations.  

3) We offer a 92 contaminant test from NTL for drinking water contaminants.  

4) We offer a PFAS test. Both the 92 contaminant test and the PFAS test have additional costs associated with them.

(Typical Systems include:  Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, Non-Electric Kinetico 2060 water softener and a Pioneer Whole Home System for contaminant reduction not shown here)

Gordon Water New Home BuildGordon Water New Home Build

When would Gordon Water Systems install my equipment into my new home?

Typically, the water treatment equipment is installed after your plumbing is finished and the home is near completion.  This is as long as the Water Plan was early enough in the process such that the piping and the tubing (drinking water lines) are appropriately installed before the drywall is up concealing the utilities in the walls.

Before testing well water, it’s very important that you flush the well for 24 hours. The reason that is so important is that the water we really want to test is the water that will be naturally replenishing your well. We want to see what’s in the water that you will really use day in and day out to better understand and diagnose your filtration needs.

For future care and damage prevention, we also highly recommend installing a Kinetico Leak Detection System in your home. Behind house fires and natural disasters, water damage is one of the leading causes of home damage. Installing the Kinetico Leak Detection system is important with a water leak in your home. That might cause serious problems. This highly advanced system connects directly to the piping of your home, and will automatically detect leaks and shut the water off within 5 seconds of detection. The wonderful thing about it, is that it pairs with the Kinetico Monitoring App, which will alert you via your phone were to happen.

Gordon Water New Home Build

Gordon Water New Home Build

So if you’re beginning the process, or even just thinking about building a new home this year, remember how important your water is! Reach out to us soon to prepare yourself for clean, safe water in your new home.