Muskegon water Specialists

Get the most out of your Muskegon water specialists. Ask Gordon about our reverse osmosis systems and bottled water delivery. Gordon Water’s premier drinking water delivery systems will always reach West Michigan’s lakeshore communities.

Delivering Clean Water since 1986

From Iron, PFAS, Chlorine and Flouride, we carry solutions from both Kinetico and Hellebrand Filters.

Don’t get just salt, get a full softener salt delivery service that gives peace of mind and saves you money.

We provide high-quality bottled water delivery and cost-effective options for customer bottle pickup.

We carry a select line of bottle-less water cooler dispenser systems that we install to your existing water lines.

Connecting you with the most qualified professional and recommending superior products.

Call us if your system needs repair or maintenance, and we will contact you within 24 business hours.

Office coffee service

Let Gordon Water Systems jumpstart your day with a variety of coffee and tea!

Whether it’s grounds, KCups, Frac packs, or brewers, learn more by clicking the button below