How the History of Gordon Water Creates a Water Treatment Specialist Legacy

From a basement desk in 1973 to a four-location operation, Gordon Water’s growth is a dedication to a family’s impeccable work ethic.

Clean, Pure Water Wherever You Are

History in the Making

The history of Gordon Water, as we’ve come from our beginnings through several decades, has been one of care and support with high-quality products, great people, and culture.

It started with a foundation and it’s blossomed with the people and products we have now. We’ve grown a lot and eyeing some more (growth) here in West Michigan.

Our portfolio as a water treatment specialist is now a brilliant collection of products that help people have clean, safe water. 

Gordon Water's water treatment process starts with having all our staff be WQA Certified. An empty water jug sits in a freshwater stream. A water treatment specialist knows how to harness natural resources into great tasting water.
Two male employees each holding water glasses standing next to a hands free water dispenser.

Unparalleled Service

Gordon Water prides itself on providing the highest-quality bottled water service for your West Michigan home or office since 1986. Besides delivery, we have cost saving programs when customers pick up bottled water at any of our Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Rockford, and Portage locations. 

We do daily, weekly, and annual testing to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Gordon Water Systems is licensed & inspected by the USFDA.

Safety When It Matters Most

Testing your water quality for PFAS contamination is important. Water contaminated with PFAS can have a variety of effects on humans.

Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by providing them with clean, safe water. All Gordon Water personnel follow EPA protocol for drawing drinking water samples to ensure proper testing and accurate results.

The best water treatment systems, like Gordon Water, take love, energy, and pride. A mom and her baby play by the clothes dryer.

It's Time to Talk to a Water Treatment Specialist


Thank you for doing an excellent job installing our new water softener, Andrew. You were efficient, friendly, and answered our questions with clarity.
Jan Schaefer
5-Star Google Reviewer
What can I say, from the sales to the install Gordon Water hit all the marks to make this an enjoyable experience. I truly appreciated the professional installation provided by the Service Tech Andrew. He answered all my questions above and beyond my expectations.
David Dykehouse
5-Star Google Reviewer
Andrew and Sam did a great job being prompt, thorough and efficient on our install. They were delightful to have in our home and I would high recommend them to any seeking this service.
Joshua Williams
5-Star Google Reviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! And no. Rust comes in several forms, and one type of water softener can remove, and the others pass right through. That is a primary reason you need to do a professional, in-home water test. We make recommendations based on your water chemistry and plumbing. Testing is the only way to do that. If a water softener system cannot remove the iron, we have options. Learn More

Hard water minerals, calcium and magnesium, sound like something you would want in your body. Unfortunately, when dissolved in water, the minerals are in an inorganic form the body cannot readily absorb. Your water softener system will reduce the risk of hard water that may contribute to kidney stone related issues.

Bottled spring water is well water that at least meets minimum government guidelines. There are several reasons to drink either our 5 gallons of bottled water or drink the water that you filter at home or work. Learn More

It depends on your plumbing. The standard for many years has been for the plumbing to leave outside faucets and cold kitchen lines “hard.” If what you are drinking now is what you prefer, then no, you do not have to drink soft water. If plumbing is accessible in the basement, we can leave the cold kitchen line hard or convert it to smooth. If your raw water is something you prefer not to drink and soft water is not your favorite either, then we can provide a reverse osmosis drinking water system that removes the sodium from soft water and most everything else to a specific drinking water faucet. And if all of this is still a little confusing, click here to Learn More