Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitoring System

With the new Kinex Salt Monitor, you get automatic notifications when it’s time to add salt, and you can check the status at any time. No more guessing!

Never Manually Check Your Salt Level Again!

Get salt alerts on your smartphone with the Kinex Salt Monitor and The Kinetico App.

  • No guessing how much salt is in the tank.
  • No hard water because the salt ran out.
  • No stocking too much salt, just in case.
  • No manually checking your brine tank.


Checking your salt level is as easy as checking The Kinetico App on your smartphone

With The Kinetico App, you can conveniently check:

  • Most recent salt fill date.
  • Estimated days to deplete the current salt in the brine tank, or a 40lb bag based on usage.
  • Estimated number of bags needed to reach the maximum brine tank level.
  • Salt consumption data in simple graphs.

The Kinex Salt Monitor requires:

  • WiFi that reaches the softener 
  • Download the Kinetico Mobile App.
Kinetico Kinex
Kinetico Kinex
Kinetico Kinex mobile app

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