Kent County Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless Cooler systems, aka Point of Use (POU) systems, are dispenser installed to your existing water lines. Gordon Water can periodically monitor and service a bottleless system to ensure quality. Unlike other water companies, we have low-cost systems with no long-term contracts.

The best way to providing clean drinking water for your office, warehouse, or manufacturing floor that’s environmentally friendly is the bottleless water dispenser advantage. 

As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about delivery, storage, or any heavy lifting. For a money-saving solution, choose a Gordon Water Bottleless water cooler.

Bottleless water cooler in an office setting.

Bottleless Water Dispensers

Standard Capacity

Standard size Aquarius bottleless water cooler


Countertop Point of Use Cooler

Large Capacity

Gordon Water Standard Use Cooler
Excellent service from the water specialist who came to our home. ... Excellent overall experience, and we would highly recommend.
Keith Leali
​Thank you for the great service & installation from Ben R and Tom T from Gordon Water Systems - Grand Rapids. We love our water!!
Amy Schultz
Worked with me to find a system in my price range. Came out to check water (after installation) and has worked with me to obtain great water!
RIck Houghton

Bottleless Filtration

Our base filtration model is a multilayered carbon filter called AlwaysFresh®. It reduces chlorine, lead, and improve the taste of your water. The best option is Gordon Water’s Reverse Osmosis System. While addressing chlorine, lead & taste, it reduces many other contaminants, providing your office with high purity water. 

The Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, MI. Gordon Water is your source for Kent County Bottled Water Delivery.
An old Fire engine building in Grand Rapids turned into office and home space. Gordon Water will install your Kent County bottleless water coolers with great success, ensuring your office has clean, safe water.

Kent County

Kent County is the manufacturing and population center for West Michigan. Located just 35 miles east of Lake Michigan, it has become one of the fastest growing areas in the state and country. With a vibrant economy, city & country living, and access to biking/hiking trails, lakes and rivers, Kent county is a destination for young and old to live, work and play.

With shopping, entertainment, outdoor activities and cultural events, families can enjoy a high quality of life year round. National music tours, plays, and musicals make stops in Kent County at the Van Andel Arena, DeVos Hall, and Meijer Gardens. Bike trails are spread out all over Kent County that you can ride for hundreds of miles of trails in all four seasons.

Gordon Water will install your Kent County bottleless water coolers with great success, ensuring your office has clean, safe water.

Gordon Water prides itself on providing the highest-quality bottleless water service for your Kent County home or office since 1986. We offer convenience and cost savings to customers when they pick up bottled water at any of our convenient locations in Grand Rapids and Rockford.

We are licensed & inspected by the USFDA. We do daily, weekly, and annual testing to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.