How Gordon Water Works to Be an Industry Leader

Gordon Water's water treatment process starts with having all our staff be WQA Certified. An empty water jug sits in a freshwater stream. A water treatment specialist knows how to harness natural resources into great tasting water.

A couple years ago, Gordon Water had all of its water specialists become certified by the Water Quality Association. We were the only dealer in the state of Michigan to have all of our staff certified. 

We not only take our passion of love and energy and pride of helping people, but we couple it with knowledge and awareness of what the technology is in our water treatment process, and where they’re going, and how to best harness those technologies for the people in their homes or businesses. 

We’re going to continue on that path of developing our knowledge base and our experience. Technology is affecting all of us as we carry around our smartphones. Water treatment is also making advancements and changes, and we’re excited to stay on top of that.