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Water plays an essential part in day-to-day life, but few people pay attention to the purity of the water that they are consuming and utilizing. In hard water areas such as West Michigan, harsh minerals can be found which can cause difficulties for both you and your home with long term use. But there is an easy solution. And that’s to remove unwanted impurities from your water by installing one of our in-home water systems. With a solution that is as simple as turning on a faucet, you can enjoy clean filtered water that is clean, safe and high in purity.

With almost five decades of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise required to bring you the best home water filtration systems. With solutions to suit all lifestyles, whether you are looking at a Kinetico reverse osmosis system, softening water in Michigan or even removing chlorine or PFAS or other contaminants, we have you covered at Gordon Water Systems.

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Maximize Your Quality of Life with Our House Filtration Systems

By installing a water softener and filtration system such as our non-electric Kinetico water softener and drinking water system line, you are maximizing your quality of life whilst reducing your outgoings. That’s right, with Gordon Water Systems by your side you are utilizing and consuming better-quality water while saving money! Our non-electric Kinetico in home water systems are highly regarded for their efficiency and their long-term durability. Requiring less water and salt to clean themselves than standard filter systems, they are extremely economical and come designed to exceed the high water flow rates typically demanded by modern households.
To offer the best home water filtration system for your needs, our water specialists will evaluate your water chemistry and plumbing before discussing what you want to get out of your system. Then we can design a system based on this information that will work for you and your budget. Once fitted, it will eliminate the undesirable minerals and contaminants in your water supply, leaving you with fresh, clean water throughout your home. All the non-electric Kinetico in home water systems we offer are renowned for their reliability, quality and longevity. And to provide you with complete confidence that this is the case, we even offer a ten-year factory parts warranty on the premier model and with the Premier softener with the K5 drinking water station the K5 membrane warranty goes to 10 years as well. Read Less

Providing a Comprehensive In Home Water Filtration System

The last things you need to worry about when installing a water filtration system for home use are costly issues. Rest assured that we supply only the best in the industry and include ongoing care. As the leading water system company in Michigan, we offer generous warranties, including our 100-day performance guarantee and excellent customer support so you are covered for all eventualities. When you choose any of our home water filtration systems, you will benefit from having the highest quality system backed up by the support of a company with five decades of experience in looking after our customers. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly team today to find a solution to your in home water systems that suits your lifestyle. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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