Your source for Commercial Water Softeners in West Michigan

Commercial water softener systems can get complicated. That’s why the water treatment specialists at Gordon Water will show you the value having one will bring to your business. 

As the leading commercial water softener experts in West Michigan, we are confident in our ability to help you find the best system for your water treatment issues.

Gordon Water Systems is proud to offer our commercial, industrial, and workplace customers high-quality water. As the only provider of Kinetico’s non-electric water softeners in West Michigan, we aim to be your water filter resource for decades to come. Depend on us the same way you rely on Kinetico producing soft water 24/7/365.

We have been customers of Gordon Water Systems for 6 years now and have always been pleased with the level of care and service we have received!
Tara Allen
Zach is professional and diligent! I have referred several friends and businesses to Gordon due to his outstanding communication and customer care as well as water quality that you provide. Happy to report that they are all very pleased!
C Powers
Ben was very helpful in explaining what was going on with our water system. He gave us several options on how we could remedy the problem. He explained everything so we could understand it and make an informed decision. Thanks Ben!
Shelley Fortney
grand rapids commercial water softener systems

Our Price Match Guarantee!

If you choose  a water softener with an electric-control valve option, we will match the price provided by a different water treatment company for the same piece of equipment.* All we need is a picture or copy of the written proposal.
*Our Performance Guarantee may not apply if the equipment selected is not in line with the recommendation from our Water Softener Specialist.

Your Source for Commercial Water Softeners in West Michigan

An old Fire engine building in Grand Rapids turned into office and home space. Gordon Water will install your Kent County bottleless water coolers with great success, ensuring your office has clean, safe water.
Grand Rapids building in a reflection across the street. Grand Rapids bottled water delivery can help your home or office.
A ground-eye view of the Radisson tower in downtown Kalamazoo. Ask Gordon for a new water softener in Kalamazoo today.
Shopping tents in the Kalamazoo Mall. Have Gordon Water help you find the Commercial Water Softeners in Kalamazoo that help your business.