Chlorine Reduction in City Water Applications

If you have processes, components, or machinery sensitive to oxidation effects, then chlorine reduction is the answer to your city water filtration questions. We have smaller dechlor systems for specific pieces of EQT and whole facility systems.

Kinetico has economical up-flow dechlor systems for the specific application or smaller facilities, and larger backwashing systems.

The backwashing systems are Non-Electric Control valves calibrated to backwash on volume of water used. Simple to use and backwashing helps refresh the bed of carbon so it can do a better job for a longer time.

The Dechlorinator1030. A home water treatment system that removes Chlorine from city water sources.
The Dechlorinator1060. A home water treatment system that removes Chlorine from city water sources.
Dechlorinator 1100
Dechlorinator 1100
Kinetico Backwashing Carbon system with non-electric control valve. Used primarily for city water filtration for commercial use
Kinetico Backwashing Carbon system with Non-electric Control Valve

Hellenbrand Backwashing Carbon Systems

Gordon Water Systems is proud to offer our commercial customers Hellenbrand Backwashing Carbon Filters. Available in a wide range of tank sizes to optimize Bed Contact Time, they have uses from industrial processes to food manufacturing (and beer making). Lets us help you size the right equipment for your city water filtration needs.

A Hellenbrand Commercial Water Softener

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