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Our Story

Steve Duisterhof, owner of Gordon Water, was traveling in Antigua, Guatemala for a Water Treatment project. While having breakfast on an open terrace surrounded by mountains, Steve tasted the most exquisite cup of coffee. That experience compelled him to explore the world of specialty coffee. We established AZO in 2003. Steve and Ginny Duisterhof have been roasting and exploring the wonders of quality coffee ever since.

Our Mission

Gordon Water selects its gourmet coffee from around the world, searching for beans that reflect the flavor profile specific to each region and finding a coffee that is distinctive and outstanding. We support Fair Trade and sustainable farming practices and hope you’ll enjoy AZO as part of your office’s morning routine.

Our Process

We roast in five pound micro-batches in a manual IR-3 Diedrich roaster, providing a customized roasting process where each batch gets the individual attention it needs to reach its peak potential. We provide detailed information about our gourmet coffee, so you know not only the continent, but the specific region your coffee originated. Finally, we open-date every batch so you know the exact date we roasted your specialty coffee to achieve maximum freshness.

Gordon Water coffee roasting facility in Portage boasts Azo coffee for the past 18 years. And up-close image of one of our roasters.

AZO Coffee Flavor Guide


Brite & Early

Our light blend, designed to be both chocolatey and fruity. Currently we use Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans for a cup that begins with a touch of milk chocolate and finishes with the sweet taste of fresh strawberries.

High Mountain Blend

A medium roasted blend of Brazilian, Tanzanian, and Ethiopian beans with heavy body and notes of citrus & molasses. High Mountain Blend is smooth, rich, and invigorating, a great way to start the morning.

Harrar Dark

Our darkest coffee, blending beans from Ethiopia and Brazil and roasted for a perfect balance of bold, smoky, and sweet.



This list is subject to change. Some coffees may no longer be in stock, but we also may have new beans to try! Ask your customer service rep about the latest offerings.

Bali Kintamani

Not only an organic bean, but one of the unique beans we have. We roast it dark, which brings out a bold infusion of cherry and dark fudge notes, with hints of cinnamon, peanut, and hazelnut. Be sure to smell the beans before you grind them!

Bolivia Caranavi (On Deck)

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

This medium roast combines notes of winey blueberry, dark chocolate, and autumn spices for a sweet, dessert-like cup of coffee. This bean is my first experience with fruity notes, and is one of my favorites to this day. We recommend trying Sidamo if you miss the Sun-Dried Yirgacheffe.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

The Yirgacheffe has a sunny, floral personality, evoking juicy fruits like strawberry, peach, and grapefruit, and finishing clean with a hint of black tea. It’s definitely the bean we recommend for the adventurous gourmet coffee drinker–you might be able to detect other notes like mandarin orange, coconut, or even bubblegum.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

This is a wild coffee! We roast it light to bring out a colorful medley of milk chocolate, vanilla, and juicy fruit notes like peach and tangerine.

Kenya AA Kirigu

This is a light roast that brings together brooding notes of cranberry and tangerine, heavy yet juicy body, and a pleasant pucker before finishing on a note of vanilla bean.

Kenya AB Nyeri Rui-Ruiru

This coffee is lightly roasted for a floral tasting cup with winey notes of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry jam.

Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley

A medium roast that is at once earthy, smoky, and smooth, with full body and leafy tobacco flavor notes. Papua New Guinea is a great choice for the coffee drinker who wants a complex cup but is not looking for fruity notes.

Sumatra Wahana

The Sumatra Wahana brings together two extremes–leafy and earthy notes on one side, red berry notes like strawberry and cranberry on the other–and mottles them together for a deliciously multidimensional cup of dark roast coffee.

Tanzania Peaberry Ruvuma

A wildly bright light roast that combines the flavors of sweet milk chocolate, juicy orange, and tart lemon in often surprising ways. This was the coffee that got me hooked, and it’s a great choice for your first specialty coffee adventure as well.

Cooperativa Cafe Timor (Discontinued)

This medium roast conjures nutty, earthy, chocolatey, and lemony notes, all with a very delicate touch. It’s a good coffee for a slow day, when you have time to savor every sip. This is an Organic Fair Trade coffee.



Organic Timor Maubesse Water Processed Decaf – Light Roast

Our light roast decaf has full body and a smoky flavor that finishes with notes of lemon and lime.

Organic Timor Maubesse Water Processed Decaf – Dark Roast

Our dark roast decaf is bold in flavor: smoky, toasty, and with a hint of sweetness.

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