5 Benefits of a Water Cooler for Commercial Use

West Michigan businesses love Gordon Water because they enjoy not only our high-quality water, but also our work minimizing plastic waste. Here are the top five benefits of using a water cooler for commercial use.

1. Gordon Water will provide your employees, and customers, clean water that’s free of chemicals and toxins.
2. Our 3 or 5-gallon coolers of reverse osmosis water produce less plastic that ends up in landfills.
3. Water coolers encourage a company-wide reduction of other single-use plastic water bottles.
4. Hydration cuts down on illness, leading to less sick days and a more productive workforce.
5. Experience tastier hot beverages when using our bottled water to make coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.
Say no to ingle-use plastic bottled water. A Gordon water cooler for commercial use will minimize plastic in landfills.
Hundred os plastic bottles in a beachside landfill. Help reduce pollution by investing in a water cooler for commercial use.

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