We think water is pretty important. In fact, the human body is 98% water by weight. Our goal is to bring high quality water treatment products to your family and home so you will know that they are protected with clean, safe water to drink and to use.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a method for purifying water. Over ninety percent of the water used in the home is referred to as “working water”. This is used to run your home appliances, shower, laundry, bath, toilet flushes, etc. Only a tiny percent of water is used for drinking. We apply RO to that small percent to make the cleanest safest, highest quality water for your family to drink and consume.

RO systems typically combine several technologies. A carbon prefilter to remove contaminants including chlorine (city water) and sediment. Then it is passed through the semipermeable RO membrane,drastically reducing inorganic minerals such as arsenic, barium, lead, copper, nickle zinc, etc. A post carbon filter is applied to remove herbicides, pesticides, petroleum by-products and trace pharmaceuticals. RO is a low energy, low cost, reliable, modern method to provide good tasting, clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, pets and plants.

You have a choice of quality, features and price. We have a well built basic RO that reliably produces high quality water. The filter is a common off the shelf product that is combined in a powerful system.

Upgrade to Kinetico, the premier designer and manufacturer of quality water treatment products. The Kinetico A200 is an affordable way to experience Kinetico technology, reliability and ease of use.

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